For businesses in the advanced countries offshoring often excites them; as it allows them to focus on macro business growth, but are delusional of the fact that whether or not it will be financially effective in the long run.

Amongst all the preferred outsourcing destinations, the talent pool in India has been consistently on the rise with current employable population of close to 500 million. According to Nabil Mahimwala (Co-Founder & COO – Altius) ‘These numbers give businesses the economies of scale not only operationally but also financially, making it a win-win for both sides’.

He adds that, ‘India’s Gen Y is one of the most competitive & are ready to go beyond and work harder to achieve a sense of accomplishment. There is an urge of personal growth that co-exists, creating a thriving environment for better performances.’

The icing for companies outsourcing to India is the comparatively lower cost of accessing such a vast & growing pool of skilled & english-speaking talent. The outsourcing lobby has been actively engaging with the Indian government to create a pro-outsourcing environment between USA and India.

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This blog was written with excerpts from Nabil Mahimwala; who is a first generation outsourcing entrepreneur and has consulted and implemented more than 50 contact center, PSUs and Corporates over the last two decades.

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