Customers are either looking for affirmation on their buying decision or acknowledgement for their grievances, and offshoring brings to the table a question that; whether outsourced resources could match your global delivery standards.

The contemplation can go multiple folds but the most relevant way of looking at it would be considering the quality of resources and as Nabil mentions; ‘the aptitude and technical employability of the resources’. He continues by stating that ‘you might give technical employability preference above aptitude. Over years customer service has evolved to customer experience; because of the aptitude first, bundled with technology advancements.’

In India every year hundred thousands of young minds enters the workforce. Allowing evolving businesses to channelise their energy, agility and desires in the right direction. These young minds are also willing to master diverse skill sets for a higher incentive & move up the corporate ladder. This when coupled with technical skill sets of the talent pool enables businesses to add value to every

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Nabil has made active contribution to this blog. Nabil is an outsourcing entrepreneur for over 2 decades having consulted over 50 contact centers, PSUs and Corporates in setting up and managing their customer experience.

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