The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, omnipresent in our daily lives, poses distinctive challenges in managing the complete customer lifecycle. Operating in diverse markets, catering to various age groups, and addressing consumers from different socio-economic backgrounds create a complex landscape. FMCG enterprises grapple with tailoring strategies to diverse preferences, managing short product lifecycles, and staying competitive in an ever-evolving market. Effective End-to-End Customer Lifecycle Management becomes crucial, involving stages from order processing and omnichannel customer support to tech support for distributors and quality assurance.

To meet these challenges, more and more enterprises are recognizing the value of specialized skills, technological capabilities, and cost-effectiveness provided by outsourcing partners. And it seems the trend toward outsourcing in FMCG Customer Lifecycle Management is on the rise, reflecting a shift towards collaborative partnerships that align with the industry's need for comprehensive and agile strategies to excel in customer-centric approaches.

In the upcoming sections, we will delve into the ways in which outsourcing End-to-End Customer Lifecycle Management contributes to the overall big picture of FMCG success.

Outsourcing End-to-End Customer

Lifecycle Management

with Altius

Empowering FMCG Distributors with Tech Support

Integral to FMCG supply chains, distributors wield significant influence over order processing, inventory management, business expansion, customer satisfaction, and overall operational efficiency in a fiercely competitive market. Intrinsic to distributor-FMCG coordination are Distributor Management Systems (DMS), serving as the linchpin connecting various facets of the supply chain. Yet, distributors frequently encounter functional and administrative challenges when grappling with the intricacies of DMS management.

Challenges Faced by Distributors:

  • - Functional Issues: Distributors often grapple with an array of functional issues related to the DMS. These may include scheme-related functionalities, hardware configurations, user mapping intricacies, and the setup of new systems. Timely and precise resolution of these routine queries is essential to maintain the smooth functioning of distributor operations.

  • - Complex Database Management: The intricate databases inherent in the FMCG sector demand sophisticated management. Distributors may face challenges in navigating complex issues such as data discrepancies, license key management, sub-database approval, and intricacies related to the Point of Sale (POS) system. Expert handling of these complexities is vital for ensuring the integrity and efficiency of FMCG databases.

  • - Point of Sale (POS) Challenges: Efficient Point of Sale (POS) operations are pivotal in the FMCG sector. Distributors may encounter challenges related to POS functionalities that require swift resolution to ensure the seamless flow of sales processes and uphold customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Outsourcing Distributor Tech Support to Altius:
Our comprehensive Tech Support Services are tailored to address the specific needs of FMCG distributors. With a dedicated help desk implementing a two-tiered approach, we ensure comprehensive solutions to the diverse challenges faced by distributors.

  • - Level I : Resources that specialize in addressing functional issues, including scheme-related queries, hardware configurations, user mapping, and new setup assistance.

  • - Level II : Serving as expert database administrators, this tier handles more intricate matters such as data issues, license keys, sub-DB approval, and POS complexities.

By outsourcing to Altius, BFSI businesses can benefit from :

  • - Specialized Expertise: Altius brings a wealth of specialized expertise to the table. Our Level I resources have been curated to efficiently address routine functional issues with precision, ensuring distributors receive accurate and timely assistance, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  • - Efficient Database Administration: Proficient database administration proves invaluable for FMCG entities. Through dedicated experts, Altius resolves complex data-related challenges and ensures the reliability and efficiency of FMCG databases.

  • - Cost-Effective Support: Altius offers cost-effective outsourcing solutions for distributor empowerment. By opting for Altius's services, FMCG organizations can access specialized resources as needed, optimizing operational costs and streamlining their support structure.

Retailer Outreach Initiatives
The significance of retailer outreach cannot be overstated. The success of FMCG brands hinges not only on engaging directly with consumers but also on fostering robust relationships with retailers. This outreach plays a pivotal role in optimizing the distribution chain and ensuring a seamless flow of goods from manufacturer to end consumer. Retailer outreach in the FMCG sector is a multifaceted strategy that goes beyond mere transactions. It's about building enduring partnerships, optimizing operational efficiency, and ensuring that every retailer is an integral part of the FMCG ecosystem.

Challenges in FMCG Retailer Outreach:

  • - Diverse Retailer Base: FMCG companies cater to a diverse range of retailers, from small local shops to larger chain stores. Communicating effectively with this varied audience can be challenging.

  • - Loyalty Program Management: Implementing and managing loyalty programs requires precision. Identifying retailers who qualify for these programs and ensuring seamless communication about program benefits are tasks that demand a systematic approach.

  • - Optimizing Order Placements: Ensuring that retailers are aware of current offers, facilitating order placements promptly, and managing unattended retailer beats pose operational challenges.

Benefits of Outsourcing Retailer Outreach to Altius:
Our comprehensive Retailer Engagement Solutions are designed to elevate your brand's interaction with retailers, ensuring seamless communication, efficient order processing, and enhanced overall collaboration. In a market where retailer relationships are pivotal, our Retailer Engagement Solutions provide the strategic edge your brand needs. Elevate your supply chain, foster stronger retailer connections, and maximize your brand's potential with our tailored solutions.

  • - Targeted Communication: Altius employs targeted communication strategies to reach out to diverse retailers, ensuring that each segment receives personalized information about offers, loyalty programs, and other incentives.

  • - Efficient Loyalty Program Management: Altius specializes in managing loyalty programs, from identifying qualifying retailers to effectively communicating program benefits. This enhances engagement and encourages retailers to participate actively.

  • - Streamlined Order Processing: Altius streamlines the order placement process, reaching out to the bottom 20%, qualifying retailers for loyalty programs, and managing orders for unattended retailer beats. This ensures that every opportunity is seized for business growth.

  • - Scalable Solutions: Altius provides scalable solutions, adapting to the evolving needs and volume requirements of FMCG businesses. Whether during peak seasons or expansions, Altius ensures flexibility and efficiency.

Empowering Teams Through On-the-Go Learning and Tech Support
In the competitive FMCG sector, where agility and responsiveness are key, empowering teams through on-the-go learning is not just a convenience but a strategic necessity. It ensures that teams are well-equipped with the knowledge they need to succeed, allowing FMCG companies to seize opportunities, streamline operations, and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving market. As technology continues to advance, embracing on-the-go learning becomes a cornerstone for FMCG success.

Employee Assistance Challenges in FMCG:

  • - Training Complexity: The dynamic nature of FMCG requires continuous training for employees, especially during new product launches. However, extensive physical training can be both time-consuming and resource-intensive, posing a significant obstacle to quick Go-To-Market (GTM) timelines.

  • - Technological Challenges: Sales teams often encounter issues related to order placement, particularly with the use of PDA devices and mobile apps. Managing and resolving these technological challenges internally can strain resources and hinder operational efficiency.

Benefits of Outsourcing Employee Assistance Services to Altius:

  • - Accelerated Go-To-Market Timelines: Outsourcing employee assistance services to Altius enables FMCG entities to propel their Go-To-Market (GTM) timelines forward. Leveraging Altius's on-the-go learning solutions via online platforms, product knowledge tests (PKTs), and refresher training modules, organizations can expedite the launch of new products. This streamlined approach not only reduces the need for extensive physical training but also guarantees that employees are equipped with the latest product knowledge, fostering a quicker and more informed market entry.

  • - Efficient Tech Support: Altius excels in establishing external tech support desks tailored for sales teams. By outsourcing the resolution of issues related to order placement using PDA devices or mobile apps, Altius ensures swift and effective solutions. This allows internal teams to concentrate on core business functions, while Altius's expert support seamlessly handles technological challenges. The result is a more streamlined and efficient operational process, unburdened by technical glitches.

  • - Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing employee assistance services translates into significant cost savings for FMCG companies. Instead of hefty investments in internal training programs and the maintenance of in-house tech support teams, organizations can tap into Altius's expertise. This optimized resource allocation allows FMCG entities to direct their financial resources toward strategic initiatives, enhancing overall cost efficiency and operational agility.

Elevating Customer Experience
Elevating customer experience goes beyond addressing feedback and complaints — it's about building lasting connections, fostering loyalty, and securing a formidable position in the competitive FMCG market. As FMCG entities navigate the complexities of consumer interactions, the emphasis on customer experience becomes a key determinant of sustained success. With FMCG entities striving to connect with end consumers seamlessly, the facilitation of Customer Quality Assurance and Customer Support Desks emerges as a strategic imperative to address feedback, queries, requests, and complaints effectively.

FMCG Customer Experience Challenges:

  • - Diverse Consumer Interactions: FMCG products cater to a broad consumer base with varying needs, preferences, and concerns. Managing the diverse interactions stemming from feedback, queries, requests, and complaints can be a logistical challenge for in-house teams.

  • - Resource Intensity: Operating internal Customer Quality Assurance and Support Desks demands significant resources. From staffing to technology infrastructure, the associated costs can strain the budgets of FMCG companies, especially those looking to optimize operational efficiency.

Benefits of Outsourcing End Consumer Support to Altius:
At Altius, our End Consumer Support Services are designed to empower brands in establishing and enhancing direct connections with their consumers. We facilitate Customer Quality Assurance and Customer Support Desks, ensuring a seamless bridge between brands and end consumers.

  • - Enhanced Customer Engagement: Outsourcing end consumer support to Altius guarantees that each consumer interaction receives a dedicated and specialized approach. With a focus on Customer Quality Assurance, Altius ensures a streamlined process, promptly addressing feedback and elevating the overall engagement between consumers and brands. This tailored approach contributes to heightened consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

  • - 24/7 Accessibility: Altius offers round-the-clock services with unparalleled accessibility ensuring that consumers can connect with brands at any time. The result is an environment of improved customer satisfaction and heightened loyalty, where consumers feel supported and valued, regardless of the hour.

  • - Scalability and Flexibility: The dynamic nature of the FMCG market demands a support system that can seamlessly scale with consumer demand. By outsourcing end-consumer support to Altius, FMCG entities gain the advantage of dynamic scalability and flexibility. Altius adapts support infrastructure to precisely match FMCG support requirements, allowing brands to navigate fluctuating consumer needs without the constraints of maintaining a fixed in-house team.

  • - Cost-Efficiency: Altius bridges the gap between cost-effectiveness, advanced technology, and dedicated support teams, offering a pathway to optimized cost efficiency for FMCG companies. Outsourcing Customer Quality Assurance and Support Desks to Altius reduces the need for heavy investments in internal staffing and infrastructure. This not only streamlines costs but also ensures that resources are allocated judiciously for maximum impact.

D2C Evolution: Future-Proofing Organizational Success

The evolving landscape of FMCG is undergoing a substantial shift toward Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) practices. Recognizing the urgency for proactive strategies, organizations must prioritize embracing D2C practices, implementing omnichannel order management, integrating communication channels, and ensuring end-to-end coordination. These strategic pillars are crucial for navigating the dynamic future of the FMCG sector. As the industry transforms, organizations investing in these future-proofing measures will not only stand out but also thrive in the changing market paradigm.

Future-Proofing Obstacles Faced by FMCG:

  • Complex Order Management: Establishing and managing a D2C model involves intricate order management across multiple channels, including self-owned websites and third-party platforms. The complexity of orchestrating this seamlessly poses a significant challenge for FMCG entities.
  • Integrated Communication Channels: Ensuring a cohesive and integrated communication strategy across various channels is crucial. The challenge lies in coordinating messages, promotions, and customer interactions to maintain a unified brand image, a task that often demands dedicated resources and expertise.
  • End-to-End Order Coordination: The D2C journey, from order placement to delivery and potential returns, demands meticulous coordination. Managing this entire lifecycle in-house can strain resources and hinder operational efficiency, especially for FMCG companies looking to stay agile in a dynamic market.

Benefits of Outsourcing D2C Support to Altius:
The Job Card Report is a comprehensive feature within the job card-based bookkeeping system, providing an overview of various key metrics related to job card management. This report includes:

  • -Efficient Order Management: By leveraging Altius's specialized expertise in D2C support, FMCG businesses can expect orders to seamlessly traverse across channels, reducing operational burdens. With streamlined processes that guarantee a smooth flow of goods from placement to delivery, Altius enhances overall operational efficiency beyond industry benchmarks.

  • -Unified Communication Strategy: Altius brings a tailor-made and strategic edge to integrated communication. By entrusting D2C practices to Altius, FMCG entities benefit from experts who craft and execute a unified message and promotional strategy across all channels, ensuring a consistent brand image and maximizing customer engagement and retention for sustained success.

  • -Seamless End-to-End Coordination: With Altius handling D2C support, coordinating the entire order journey becomes a seamless process. Altius's expertise in D2C operations ensures effective order coordination, from placement to delivery and returns. This allows FMCG entities to concentrate on core competencies, confident in the efficient management of order complexities.

  • -Resource Optimization: Outsourcing D2C support translates to resource optimization for FMCG organizations. By outsourcing the intricacies of D2C operations to Altius, internal resources are free to be directed where they are needed most — toward innovation, marketing, and strategic planning.


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