Every brand manager believes that procrastinating a prospective customer might lead to loss of prospect’s interest. With growing prominence of digitisation; brands are investing in digital as a medium to allure their customers. But foresee a challenge in building an apt process to curb the lead loss that happens while channelising leads from multiple traditional & modern mediums onto their sales team / Tele marketing partner.

Over years businesses have concluded on the fact that a Customer has already made a buying decision before initiating a contact. As a businesses all you need to do is to ensure that the interest of a prospective buyer is converted into revenue for your business. With the dynamics of digitisation, your customers are reaching out to you via so many different channels that it’s hard to keep up.

Akil Mahimwala (Founder & CEO - Altius) feels that ‘These dynamics often lead to varied impromptu communication methods being used by Sales team / Tele Marketing partners due to either unavailability of technology platforms or unawareness of different channels’.

Fortunately, technology can help brands do that. Businesses can now use technology to analyze customers preferred approach & marketing channels – think about a Twitter handle, Facebook page and your Website all of it into a centralised system. Add to it the beauty of channel wise descriptive reports. Akil adds that, ‘Brand Managers should always consider building a central repository for all their leads; be it print ads, facebook or display ads. This can go long way on a mid to long term basis’.



The digital age evolution has gone a step ahead and added integrated communication channels to these repositories. Let’s consider the recent innovation of chatbots, though launched in early part of 2017; adoption is limited to few brands. With need recognition & comparisons done by consumers on digital platform; chatbots could serve as first touch points for prospects. The study conducted during market research for the offered product or service could be used as algorithm for chatbots responses. Akil draws us back to his initial statement of central repository by quoting; ‘All of these innovation like chatbots, AI powered communication tools or retargeting would be successful if there is a strong backend to capture, maintain, segment and reuse the data’.

Our take for Brand Managers would be to build a central repository, than let all the channels ride on to it but ensure you maintain an omni channel communication modus; so that a customer always has the same experience irrespective of the channel making it leak proof i.e. no lead goes unattended. Lastly, let innovations take your communication channels and business to new heights.

If you are willing to make your lead acquiring process leak proof and offer omni channel experience to your consumers; do write to us at

This blog was written with excerpts from Akil Mahimwala; who is a successful technologist and has consulted and implemented technology advancements for more than 50 contact center, PSUs and Corporates over the last two decades.


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