Healthcare providers grapple with the dual imperative of balancing life-saving objectives with financial viability. On one hand, healthcare organizations must stay committed to providing quality patient care that is both accessible and affordable to a diverse patient population. On the other hand, the financial aspects of healthcare cannot be ignored. Healthcare providers contend with significant cost pressures, including increasing patient flow, rising operational expenses of medical processes, post-pandemic regulations, insurance eligibility, and volatile economic conditions.

Moreover, upholding financial stability is fundamental for the enduring sustainability of healthcare operations. It provides the necessary resources for healthcare providers to invest in cutting-edge medical technologies, maintain facilities, and retain skilled medical professionals. These are critical factors that allow healthcare providers to cater to the needs of a broad demographic, reduce health disparities, and ensure that life-saving care remains within reach for all.

Having discovered that achieving cost savings doesn't necessitate compromising service quality, the healthcare sector has increasingly favored outsourcing. According to a survey conducted by Black Book Market Research, 90% of hospital leaders are actively assessing the potential of engaging third-party vendors to enhance cost-efficiency in both clinical and nonclinical functions, enabling hospitals to concentrate on value-based programming. This point is further reinforced by findings published in an article in the National Center for Biotechnology Research indicating the primary motive behind private hospitals’ outsourcing is cost constraints, followed by the pursuit of operational flexibility and a focus on core business activities.

Patient Care Outsourcing

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Outsourcing as a Solution

Beyond the immediate advantage of cost savings, outsourcing in the healthcare sector unfolds a spectrum of additional benefits for providers. Many healthcare organizations, regardless of size, often grapple with a shortage of in-house expertise and capabilities, particularly in specialized domains such as Information Technology (IT) and administration. By leveraging the specialized skills and resources of external service providers, healthcare organizations can access a pool of experts well-versed in the intricacies of IT infrastructure and administrative processes. Drawing on the expertise of specialists simplifies operations and accelerates outcomes, contributing to streamlined processes and ultimately enhancing patient care.

Moreover, outsourcing offers scalability and flexibility, enabling healthcare organizations to adapt to changing demands without the burden of recruiting and training additional in-house staff. This is particularly valuable in the dynamic and evolving landscape of healthcare, where the need for agility and responsiveness is paramount.

Outsourcing Healthcare Support and Management with Altius

At Altius, we assist healthcare providers to transcend operational challenges and attain a state of unparalleled efficiency and excellence. Our mission is to serve as a strategic partner, guiding healthcare entities through the complexities of their operations, and enabling them to achieve a level of streamlined excellence that propels them to the forefront of their industry. Our tailored outsourcing solutions are designed to empower healthcare organizations beyond the ordinary, focusing on enhancing operational efficiency, optimizing resources, streamlining documentation, and elevating the quality of patient care beyond expectations.

- OPD Scheduling : Tailored to enhance the appointment management process for healthcare providers, OPD scheduling ensures a seamless experience for both medical professionals and patients. Through a variety of communication channels, including inbound calls and web chats, we specialize in facilitating doctor appointments, offering patients a convenient and accessible means to schedule their visits.

By optimizing each doctor's occupancy at the hospital, our scheduling services contribute significantly to operational efficiency, ensuring that healthcare providers can focus on delivering quality care while maximizing appointment availability.

Key Features :

  • -Multi-Channel Appointment Booking : Utilizing inbound calls, web chats, and other communication channels, we provide a diverse range of options for patients to schedule appointments, accommodating various preferences and ensuring accessibility.

  • - Proactive Schedule Management : We take a proactive approach to managing doctors' schedules effectively. Coordinating with the hospital each week, we confirm the availability of doctors, ensuring accurate and up-to-date scheduling information.

  • - Cancellation Handling: In the event of a doctor canceling a scheduled visit, our dedicated team promptly addresses cancellations by reaching out to affected appointments. This swift response minimizes disruptions and ensures efficient management of the appointment workflow.

  • - Efficient Rescheduling and Alternative Appointments: Going the extra mile, we efficiently reschedule or book appointments with alternative doctors, providing patients with timely options and maintaining continuity of care.

  • - Retention and Transformation : Our comprehensive approach not only aids in retaining most inquiries as appointments but also strategically transforms general queries into a potential marketing base. This dual functionality enhances the overall effectiveness of the appointment management process.

- 24/7 Emergency Response Services: In moments of crisis, our 24/7 Emergency Response Services provide the assurance of a swift and organized response, prioritizing the immediate needs of patients and supporting the hospital's commitment to delivering exceptional critical care.

Key Features :

  • -Swift and Coordinated Emergency Dispatch: Upon receiving an emergency call, our dedicated dispatch teams spring into action, ensuring a rapid and coordinated response. Time is of the essence, and our commitment is to swiftly dispatch an ambulance to the location in need.

  • - Detailed Patient Information for Triage: Recognizing the vital significance of providing precise information to the triage, our team ensures prompt communication of essential details about incoming patients. This includes conveying the nature of their injury or reason for admission, and facilitating the triage's preparedness for the patient's arrival.

  • - Vital for Saving Lives: In emergency situations, every moment counts. Our 24/7 Emergency Response Services are designed to be a critical component in the chain of care, with the primary goal of saving lives through timely and efficient interventions.

  • - Round-the-Clock Operation: We operate seamlessly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Emergencies don't adhere to a schedule, and neither do we. Our constant availability ensures that hospitals can rely on us whenever urgent situations arise.

- Customer Satisfaction Indexing: Proactive and comprehensive in approach, our customer satisfaction indexing ensures that hospitals not only deliver exceptional medical care but also excel in overall patient experience. By reaching out to In-Patient Department (IPD) discharges following their recovery, we gather valuable feedback that serves as a cornerstone for continuous improvement, enhanced financial performance, and delivery of outstanding patient care

Key Features :

  • -Timely Feedback Post-Recovery: Following the recovery period, tailored to the specific surgery, we engage with IPD discharges to capture their experience while the details are fresh in their minds.

  • - Comprehensive Evaluation: Our inquiries cover a spectrum of aspects crucial to every department & patient touch points. This holistic evaluation provides a nuanced understanding of the patient's journey throughout their stay.

  • - Identifying Areas of Improvement: The collected feedback serves as a valuable tool for hospitals to identify areas of improvement. By pinpointing specific aspects that may need enhancement, healthcare facilities can tailor their strategies for continuous growth and refinement.

  • - Financial Implications: Recognizing the direct link between patient satisfaction and the financial performance of a hospital, we help hospitals mitigate the risk of lost IPD opportunities. This foresight is crucial for maintaining financial stability.

  • - Enhancing Overall Patient Satisfaction: Customer Satisfaction Indexing contributes to elevating overall patient satisfaction levels. By addressing feedback constructively, hospitals can foster a positive patient experience, building trust and loyalty within the community.

- Medical Transcription : Medical Transcription allows healthcare providers to enhance their documentation processes, improve accuracy, and ensure that essential patient information is captured comprehensively. It’s vital that healthcare facilities have access to a streamlined and accurate process for converting vital audio recordings from doctors into comprehensive text reports. This service is especially critical for post-operation documentation, ensuring that crucial information is accurately captured and easily accessible for further reference.

Key Features :

  • -Post-Operation Documentation: We specialize in transcribing audio recordings made by doctors post-operations. This ensures that every detail, from the patient's condition to the treatment plan, is meticulously documented in a text format.

  • - Comprehensive Report Types: Our transcriptions service covers a range of report types, including:
    • - Clinic Notes
    • - Follow-Up Notes
    • - Discharge Summaries/Admission Summaries
    • - SOAP Notes
    • - Progress Notes

  • - Accuracy and Precision: Our team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and precision in transcribing medical documents. This ensures that healthcare professionals can rely on the transcribed reports for informed decision-making and continuity of care.

  • - Time-Efficient Process: Recognizing the critical nature of time in healthcare, our streamlined transcription process ensures swift turnaround times. This efficiency facilitates prompt access to crucial patient information, contributing to more timely and informed decision-making by healthcare professionals.

  • - Customized Solutions: Recognizing the diversity of medical documentation needs, our service is flexible and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each healthcare facility.

Why Choose Altius for Healthcare Outsourcing?

With a 15-year track record, Altius has been a reliable provider of healthcare outsourcing services, serving clientele across the healthcare spectrum. Our experience spans hospitals, healthcare service providers, and biomedical equipment companies, marking us as a holistic solution provider in the healthcare domain. What distinguishes Altius is our versatile expertise, enabling us to address the distinct needs of each sector in the healthcare industry.

At Altius, we understand that the healthcare landscape is nuanced and multifaceted. Hospitals, healthcare service providers, and biomedical equipment companies have distinct operational requirements, and our tailored solutions reflect this understanding. We specialize in delivering customized outsourcing solutions, ensuring that all our clients receive services precisely aligned with their specific needs and challenges.

Altius continually strives to elevate industry standards, providing services that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Choosing Altius as your healthcare outsourcing partner means selecting a reliable and experienced ally dedicated to navigating the complexities of the ever-evolving healthcare industry.


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