The BFSI industry operates on the principles of trust and inclusion, and these principles are the foundation on which reputations are built. And for companies operating in this sector, reputation is everything. There are many factors that incite consumer trust in BFSI companies, but historically, it is perhaps customer support, driven by genuine human interactions, that plays the most significant role in fostering these powerful emotions.

However, recent years have brought about a transformative shift in how BFSI entities engage with their consumer bases. AI, in the form of chatbots powered by large language models, has redefined the nature of consumer interactions and communication strategies. Increasingly capable of emulating the nuances of human language, minus all the shortcomings of human fatigue and availability, AI is more and more becoming an integral part of customer support systems. But human agent support is yet to be discounted.

While impressive, AI systems are a long way away from dislodging the value of genuine human interaction, especially in a sector like BFSI. When it comes to finance, trust and inclusion are still very much domains where human capabilities are valuable commodities, and one could argue that is unlikely to change no matter how sophisticated AI can get. As with most things, it’s a matter of balance.

Synergistic support models that incorporate the best of AI and human capabilities are vastly superior to models that solely rely on either. With the right framework in place, defined by a quintessential equilibrium of AI and human elements, synergistic support models bring a host of benefits that align with BFSI support objectives.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most significant of these benefits. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how outsourcing customer support can be an instrumental avenue for BFSI entities to set up the perfect AI-human customer support systems.

AI and the Role

of Outsourcing

The Synergistic Support Model

Benefits of Combining AI and Human Capabilities
The amalgamation of AI-driven technologies and human expertise brings forth a spectrum of benefits. While AI excels in automating routine tasks, providing instant responses, and processing vast amounts of data with precision, human agents possess the nuanced understanding of complex financial matters and the empathetic touch that customers often seek in higher-level interactions. The synergy between these two forces yields:

- Efficiency
AI automates repetitive support tasks, allowing human agents to focus on more intricate issues, thus optimizing operational efficiency.

- Speed and Availability
AI-powered chatbots ensure 24/7 availability, addressing customer queries promptly, while human agents are better suited for handling nuanced support inquiries.

- Consistency
AI delivers consistent responses, reducing the risk of errors and maintaining a uniform brand image.

- Personalization
Human agents bring the personal touch, often a necessary component of the trust required of high-level customer support. Human agents are best suited for tailoring interactions to meet the unique needs of individual customers.

Achieving Equilibrium in BFSI Support

Equilibrium, as applied to AI-human support systems, is the balance necessary for the complimentary interplay of each domain's strengths and weaknesses. Equilibrium entails the perfect balance of AI rapid response capabilities, 24x7 availability, and data-driven insights, with human agent capabilities such as empathy, nuanced problem-solving skills, and the ability to navigate complex financial scenarios. It's a harmony that results in:

- Enhanced Customer Experience
Customers benefit from efficient query resolution and the comfort of human understanding.

- Risk Mitigation
Human oversight ensures that high-stakes financial transactions and compliance matters are handled with precision and due diligence.

- Scalability
BFSI entities can scale their support operations up or down to meet fluctuating demands, all while maintaining quality.

How the Right Framework Enhances Support Objectives

To fully harness the potential of a synergistic support model, a well-defined framework is essential. This framework should encompass a seamless integration of AI and human resources, establishing clear roles and responsibilities for each component. It should also include:

- Continuous Training
Ensuring that both AI systems and human agents are up-to-date and in sync with the latest industry regulations, technology advancements, and perhaps more importantly, trends in consumer behavior.

- Data-Driven Insights
Leveraging AI-generated data for informed customer support decision-making and customer-centric strategies.

- Monitoring and Feedback
Regularly assessing the performance of AI and human agents, soliciting customer feedback, and making iterative improvements. In conclusion, the BFSI sector's evolution in customer support is marked by the harmonious coexistence of AI and human capabilities. This synergistic support model, when guided by the right framework, empowers BFSI entities to navigate the complex terrain of trust and inclusion, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

Outsourcing Customer Support for BFSI

Leveraging Outsourcing for AI-Human Support Systems
AI-human customer support ecosystems for BFSI, when facilitated through strategic outsourcing, offer a multitude of advantages that are instrumental in enhancing client satisfaction and operational efficiency. Below, we delve into the key benefits of leveraging outsourcing for AI-human support systems:

- Cost Efficiency
One of the primary benefits of outsourcing is cost savings. AI-human support systems require substantial investments in technology, training, and infrastructure. By partnering with an outsourcing provider, BFSI entities can access these resources without incurring hefty upfront expenses. Outsourcing firms operate with economies of scale, allowing them to offer cost-effective solutions while ensuring high-quality service.

- Dedicated Customer Support Teams
Within outsourced AI-human customer support ecosystems, outsourcing partners maintain specialized customer support teams that operate 24/7. This arrangement empowers BFSI entities to guarantee their clients' immediate assistance and solutions at any hour

- Access to Specialized Expertise
Effective integration of AI into customer support necessitates specialized expertise in AI technologies, data analytics, and customer engagement strategies. Outsourcing firms retain dedicated teams with extensive experience in these domains. This access to AI and customer support specialists not only ensures that unforeseen technical challenges are promptly met but also makes certain AI systems are optimized for BFSI-specific needs and customer interactions.

- Scalability and Flexibility
Outsourcing provides BFSI entities with the flexibility to scale their support operations up or down as needed. During periods of increased demand, such as during financial planning seasons or product launches, outsourcing partners can quickly allocate additional resources to handle the influx of inquiries. Conversely, during quieter periods, resources can be scaled back, preventing unnecessary costs.

- 24/7 Availability
Customer expectations in the BFSI sector often extend to round-the-clock support. Outsourcing firms frequently offer 24/7 support, ensuring that clients can receive assistance whenever they require it. This continuous availability enhances client satisfaction and loyalty, especially in urgent situations like account issues or financial emergencies.

- Data-Driven Insights
Outsourcing partners employ advanced data analytics tools to monitor customer interactions and gather insights. These insights can help BFSI entities identify trends, preferences, and areas for improvement in their support processes. Data-driven decision-making leads to more informed strategies, enabling continuous refinement of the AI-human support model.

- Risk Mitigation and Compliance
The BFSI sector operates in a highly regulated environment, where data security and compliance are paramount. Outsourcing providers are well-versed in industry-specific regulations and employ robust security measures to protect sensitive financial data. This ensures that BFSI entities can maintain compliance while benefitting from AI-driven support.

Setting Up the Perfect AI-Human Customer Support Through Outsourcing

Setting up a tailored AI-human customer support ecosystem can be an exceedingly complex and expensive endeavor. However, with outsourcing, it doesn’t have to be. Outsourcing partners play a pivotal role in setting up cost-effective AI-human customer support ecosystems that align with unique BFSI requirements. Here's a detailed breakdown of the steps and benefits involved:

- Assessment of AI Integration
The first step in setting up the perfect AI-human customer support system is to assess the level of AI integration required. This involves identifying the specific tasks and interactions where AI can add value, such as handling routine inquiries, processing transactions, or providing basic account information. Understanding the scope of AI's role is crucial for effective implementation.

- Customization and Training
AI systems should be tailored to align with the BFSI entity's brand voice, compliance requirements, and client expectations. Training AI algorithms and chatbots to handle BFSI-specific queries and scenarios is essential for seamless integration.

- Integrating AI into Existing Workflows
Effective AI-human support integration means ensuring that AI seamlessly integrates into existing workflows. This involves developing APIs and connectors to link AI systems with BFSI databases, CRMs, and customer communication channels. The goal is to create a unified, efficient support ecosystem.

- Human Oversight and Escalation
While AI can handle many tasks, there will always be scenarios that require human intervention. Setting up clear protocols for human oversight and escalation is crucial. Outsourcing partners define when and how human agents step in to resolve complex issues or provide a personal touch.

- Continuous Monitoring and Improvement
Achieving the perfect AI-human customer support system is an ongoing process. BFSI entities, along with their outsourcing partners, must continuously monitor AI performance, gather customer feedback, and make iterative improvements. This ensures that AI remains aligned with evolving client needs.

Revolutionize BFSI Customer Support with Altius

At Altius, we believe in harnessing the powerful synergy of cutting-edge AI technology and human expertise. With over two decades of experience as a pioneering IT solutions provider, we've assisted BFSI entities of all sizes in navigating the ever-changing financial landscape - from startups to industry leaders aiming to optimize their operations, improve retention strategies, and enhance their customer support services, we've been there every step of the way.

Our AI-human customer support solutions encompass a wide range of advanced technologies, including sequential chatbots, NLP, and GPT chatbots. What sets us apart is the strong foundation of human support teams with extensive hands-on experience in catering to the unique needs of the BFSI sector.

We recognize that every financial institution is unique, with its own set of challenges and requirements. That's why we avoid the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we prioritize adaptability, tailoring our services to suit your specific needs. Our support models seamlessly blend state-of-the-art AI capabilities with the human touch, ensuring comprehensive support solutions that consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences across all interactions.


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