With your R&D team validating Millennial’s takeover consumer market share, we wouldn't blame them to conclude emphasizing on digital channels. But on the contrary, not all customer appreciates going completely digital on a customer service approach.

Customer service is a rather broad term under which various service like grievance handling (which otherwise is a whole another aspect) is considered to be the same as customer service by a customer. Expectations vary for every individual but when concentrating on the Millennial segment and counting their influence its a no-brainer to not think about having “digital parity” Millennials have grown amidst digital revolution; so to be appropriate among various competitors digital parity is very crucial.

Imran says, “ customer service has to be accurate, relevant & complete” Going by our data analyst’s report; customer craves for precise answers beforehand. Answers for all the presumably situations that may arise in future or post product purchase. Though Millennials craves for automation, the majority of them still prefer talking to an actual person in case of complaints. When considering precisely the Millennial segment, calls for customer service have had a diminishing pattern over the past 5 years. Furthermore, this pattern won’t be changing any time soon rather it will further dip. Nevertheless, there are scenarios where digital empathy or digital contact won't just be enough. A voice is what a customer seeks to connect with.

Digital Over Voice?

Synergised Effort

For Millennials

With our customer self-service model, we always tell brands that ”self-service isn't the future, it is the present”. A choice means they choose, and you as a brand should value the decision. Only there should be options to choose from. Having omnipresence is big. Moreover having synergized channel efforts is more significant. With our digital CRM and contact center, support integration customers are served a seamless and cohesive experience no matter what from which channel your customer approaches. Be it your website, calls, email, we best believe in not making your customer more enraged by making them start from scratch if they’ve already shared information on another channel.

"Voice has developed to be an escalation channel” In cases where there is urgency and prompt resolution is required, calls still are the most effective & preferred channel.

Escalation questions usually take longer to resolve and could be viewed as opportunities to build positive customer relationships with an end goal of increased customer retention. Our process is automated, proactive escalation of certain situations based on customer activity.


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