As a restauranter the only thing that haunts you is an empty table. You’d grey a hair or two just wondering that it wasn't just the competition that drove or caused your hotel chain such a nightmare.

The hospitality specifically restaurant industry is evolving faster than it has ever been but there is one thing that haven't changed. It is “Customer Craves Convenience”. Now you might argue that your chain serves the best cuisine or has best in service hotels and a customer would not mind waiting for a while. But we are in the “e-Era”. Our experts say, ” Gratification of being acknowledged and promise to serve is what can hold on customers with your hotel brand”. Today’s customers do not have time to wait.

Much less, they don't want to presume and would seek information and affirmation for getting the best. Therefore, it is essential to have a tool that gives the information immediately to customers and help them drive to your hotel's restaurant. Akil believes, “There is one thing here to stay: Restaurant Technology. Specifically, technology that impacts the guest experience as technology leverages convenience”.

Virtual Reservation:

Adapt Before

It’s Too Late

Our an online reservation system, gives your hotel the opportunity to make special offers that visitor could not find any other way. It also allows you to offer complementary activities, or even to cross sales with other products or services. Another major feature of our reservation system is, it allows self-service booking by customers online that minimize time spent during busy business hours taking booking calls, also avoid customers being diverted to answering machines when Restaurant is closed instead take automatic bookings and send SMS or E-mail for booking confirmation automatically. Your restaurant will be much more efficient with restaurant reservation software, starting with your staff. You can easily determine how much wait staff you’ll need each night based your historic reservation trends. The dashboard will efficiently predict a rush and prepare your kitchen staff and concierges.

If you read our previous blog (Customer Gratification) and the quote, “Automate process and not relationship”. This becomes even more applicable for service industry since there is direct connect with the customer while providing the service. But there has be a balance between technology and human efforts. Guest loyalty programs work, and you could be leaving a lot of money on the table if you’re not using them. Our team of experts will help you maintain better repo with all your customers by handling grievance calls as an irate customer would definitely not want to talk to a machine and might not be present at the hotel. Personal feedback calls can be more helpful in pacifying customers accordingly, keeping them around for the long haul.

We now conclude this blog by saying, “Keeping up with these customer demands will make your restaurant more efficient, create a better guest experience, and help your bottom line.” Let’s drive customers to your restaurant reservation together.


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