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Being a brand manager curating feedback via different platforms is one thing. What about actually listening and utilizing it? That’s another. Often we come across customers who feel their feedback “falls on deaf ears”.

Goodwill is what you as a brand manager would seek; however it's not optimally utilised. Imran strongly feels,”After you invest in taking feedback from your customer; to know why customers make certain decisions, it is critical to understand the customer perspective.”

Throughout the online customer journey, there are various Moments of Truth that define the impression your company makes on the visitor. These are the key moments in which your business must listen to the Voice of the Customer and the best way to do this is through an AI-powered VOC campaign. The latest generation of VOC can be conducted on a much larger scale than ever before because it leverages the power of the internet. No longer do you need a random sample of your customers you’re able to begin a conversation with each and every one of them.

Voice Of Customer

To Voice For Customer:

Adapting AI Dynamics

We translate that feedback into insight. We will help you understand what your customers are experiencing — what is working well, and what isn’t. We’ll use advanced text analytics to draw insight from verbatim and associate it with customer scores. Further, the feedback is then strategically shared with customers and prospects who are socially connected with the band advocates.

The team of BPO Services in India has developed an algorithm that would help your brand customers share their insights with people connected with them. Whether it’s through surveys, social media, online review sites, the call center, online chats, or a range of other communication channels, the collective Voice of the Customer holds the key to making informed business decisions". Our AI-led VOC could transform your prospects into customers by your customers. Our BPO process outsourcing company managers thereby conclude, "In the age of technology-driven customer approach, utilizing every possible point of engagement can help achieve a positive trend in retention & new conversions.

This blog was written with expertise from Imran Lokhandwala; who had successfully led operations for various industry leaders including Fortune 500 companies over the past 2 decades.


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